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STO Report - September 2013 Added September 23, 2013
My apologies for not being able to attend the meeting on 16th September. By the time you are at the meeting I should have my feet up in Atlanta, Georgia at the start of a Deep South tour.

Congratulations to Susan Coe who was appointed STO to the World Paralympic Championships in Montreal recently

 National STO Meeting

The last meeting was on 11th August. At long last information came out about technical officials for the Commonwealth Games, and as might have been anticipated it was a blind panic and they only gave us a few days to sort out the nomination list. This resulted in frenetic e-mail activity and meetings to sort it all out. The disability awareness course is NOT now mandatory. A total of 20 nominations + 2 reserves were required from across the country, with the number from each district being determined by the number of currently licensed officials in the district pro rata. Midland allocation was 2 nominations from 5 who had expressed an interest, and based on qualifications, experience and commitment to District & National events, Susan Coe and Neil Valentine were put forward. Official confirmation was supposed to be by 30th August but surprise, surprise, we’ve heard nothing.

The FINA congress in July has resulted in a few rule changes, but the change to the breast stroke start has been rejected. There will be an update on this at the STO seminar and all officials are encouraged to attend. The rule changes take effect from 1st October so there’s only a day after the STO seminar to digest them!

As a result of the FINA changes, the workbooks for STO will need to be revised. SASA has been given the Judge2/Judge2S workbook to revise but this will be the remit of the National STO committee.

District Meets

Many thanks to all who helped at the District Sprints on 7th September. This was the first event in the new Olympia and although we had some concerns and there were a few glitches, overall it seemed to go well. I am delighted to report that we were very well supplied with technical officials – the largest turnout for a District event I think I’ve ever seen. The large number of qualified officials meant that we could mentor 7 judge 1 trainees, 3 judge 2 trainees, and a trainee referee at various times as well as carry out 2 J1 assessments. Just what we need for a strong future STO contingent in the District!  Very many thanks to all who contributed.


Congratulations to Lesley Reynolds (J1) and Karen Fletcher (J1), who have completed their final assessments and are now fully qualified. The Judge 1 course at Blairgowrie expanded to 12 participants, so at present we have 17 judge 1 trainees and 5 judge 2 trainees which looks good for the future. Otherwise, things have been a bit quiet over the summer, but now that we are back in serious action, it’s time to encourage new officials. As ever, please encourage anyone who is interested in whatever level of officiating to get in touch, and particularly to fill out the application form & fee. As soon as I have an idea of “who and where” we’ll get under way.

Neil Valentine
Midland STO Convener

Open Water Added March 20, 2013
Last year I was very encouraged by the efforts of YeAABA to attract a good number of new open water Technical Officials into the sport and, in an effort to maintain and develop the momentum here, cordially invite you to get in touch with Sandra Westgate or Joyce McIntosh via info@yeaaba.orgor myself, at should you wish to take up the challenge this year. This opportunity may well appeal to a number of current 'pool'  Technical Officials seeking to 'add another sting to their bow' or indeed any/all others interested in the sport.


National Vice-President    

Eddie Wilmott.

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